Things You Should Know Before Your Test

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√ It is advised that you practise one mock IELTS test every two days during this week. 

√ It would be better if you practise using the Official IELTS Answer Sheet and you can download here.

√ For IELTS Listening and Reading, review all different question types and related techniques.

√ For IELTS Writing and Speaking, review common topics.

√ If you want to play safe, consider book several tests every two or three weeks. You can use the best score no matter which test it is.

⊗ Do not ever think about 100% percent review of all knowledge in English. This does not necessarily lead to a high score and will dampen your confidence during the test.

♦ Disability

If you have any disability that will affect you in the test, you must find a way to contact the test center before your test date.


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