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For either Task1 or Task 2, there are 2 options:




The following are the two examples of Option 1 and Option 2.

Option 1:

Click here to download the example



Option 2:

Click here to download the example



If you need my essay correction service, here is the procedure:

1. You decide which option you would like, option 1 or option 2

2. I send you an essay question and you download IELTS writing paper on my website.

3. You handwrite the essay first and then type it up using Microsoft Word.

4. You e mail me the essay.

5. You arrange payment in Australian Dollar. 

6. I email you after receiving the fee and start marking your essay. This normally takes 3 working days.

7. After receiving my feedback, feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if you have any queries.

8. Contact me again if you would like me to mark more IELTS writing for you.


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