FAQs about IELTS Speaking Test

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1. How many parts are there to the IELTS speaking test?
Three parts in total, an interview, a talk and a discussion with the examiner.


2. How long does the speaking test take?
It takes a total of 11 to 14 minutes. Part 1 is 4-5 minutes, part 2 is 3-4 minutes and part 3 is 4-5 minutes. You don’t need to worry about this, the examiner keeps up with time.


3. What’s the difference between the three parts in the speaking test?
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4. How to score my speaking test?
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5. What kinds of topics are there in the speaking test?
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6. How many questions will I be asked?
12 questions in part 1 (based on 3 different topics)
1 cue card in part 2 (have 1 minute to prepare and 2miutes to answer)
5 or more in part 3 (depends on the length of your answers)


7. Should I expand my answers in my speaking test?
Yes. To get a band 6 and above for the criterion of fluency, you should show your willingness to speak at length.  However, do not worry if the examiner interrupts you because they need to control the time and pace during the exam.


8. Do I need to talk for 2 minutes in part 2?
You should at least 1 minute and I recommend you talk between 1.5 and 2 minutes.


9. Can I choose my topic to talk about in part 2?
No, the examiner will give you a topic card with a list of prompts on it. And you can’t change the topic.


10. Do I need to follow the prompts on the cue card in speaking part 2?
No, you don’t have to. However, following the prompts will help you organize your speech.


11. What can I do if I don’t understand the question?
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12. Will I get a lower score if I ask the examiner to repeat or explain the question?
No, it won’t. However, only do this two or three times and no more. Click here to learn more about this!


13. What can I do if I don’t have any ideas for the answer in part 3?
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14. Why did the examiner interrupt my answer?
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15. Can I ask the examiner for his or her opinion?
No, this is a time to test your language.


16. Where can I get a practice speaking test from?
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17. Should I correct my mistakes when I’m speaking in the test?
It is not bad to do so. However, don’t correct your mistakes at the cost of fluency. Mostly you can ignore your mistakes and keep talking.


18. How should I greet the examiner?
The examiner will greet you and do an ID check. Click here to learn more about this!


19. What happens if my answer includes the answer to the next question on the examiner’s list?
This rarely happens because the examiner has a long list of questions and he/she will skip the question that includes your former answers.


20. Can I use body language in my speaking test?
Yes, you can. This won’t affect your score but will help you if you find it natural while talking.

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