Things You Should Know After Your Test (Remark My IELTS Results)


1. It is officially called an Enquiry on Results.
2. You must apply for it within 6 weeks of your original result at your local test center.
3. The test will be sent to a senior examiner. They will not be told your original score.
4. You can get the whole test remarked or just individual skills.
5. Your remark fee is refunded if your scores change.
6. The whole process takes around 2-4weeks.
7. You cannot use your original certificate during this process.
8. You are advised to get a remark when:
     1) You have been assessed by an experienced IELTS teacher/examiner and your scores have been consistently higher.
     2) You’ve done the test before and your scores were significantly higher.
     3) You believe that you have done everything correctly and you were fully prepared.
9. You are not advised to get a remark when:
     1) You keep getting the same score again and again.
     2) You need an improvement of more than half a band.

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